I have become an Appleite. Good lord help me.

I’m not one of Apple’s biggest fans. In fact I’m not entirely sure I can be classed as a fan at all–my iPad review of last year should be your first clue. But, you could say, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the supposed future of computing. My relationship with my previous cell carrier, Rogers, went from absolutely amazing to disastrously rocky in the span of 2 months. And didn’t do much improving when we got to the third. Service issues of the cell service and customer service variety, issues with them not actually honouring their handset replacement policy and not actually telling me they wouldn’t be honouring their replacement policy, issues with actually being able to pay their bill–for the record, their automated system fails at creditcard, apparently. Issue. After issue. After freaking issue. I had more run-ins with management in the last 3 months with that company than I ever had with, er, any of the companies I’ve delt with before or after. And I’m talking over the span of 12-13 years here. So after finally getting frustrated/fed up/break-things pissed, I decided to flip them the bird. On Sunday, I tossed them over the edge.

There was only one small tiny little problem with the decision. As much as it had to happen, rogers was the only company in the area that actually had somewhat of a choice of accessible phone. Granted it was either Apple, nokia or suffer, but it was a choice. And say what you will about Nokia–neither of the phones I had by them blew up in my face. The one I retired when I ditched Rogers will probably still have some sort of existence, at least when I’m on the other side of the border, anyway. Until I get around to deciding whether or not to make the AT&T network tap dance with the Apple thinggy. So my switching of carriers meant my choices went from technically 3, to technically 2–Apple, or suffer. Well, I hate inaccessible pieces of crap quite possibly as much as the folks over at the vomit comet, so my choice was escentially limitted to Apple. Well. Fuck me running.
As of Sunday afternoon, Telus became my new cellular home. Hi, saving money. And oh, hey, look at that. Texting the US, if and when I find a way of doing so that doesn’t result in ow my brain, doesn’t kick me in the wallet either. Yayness. The result? New company. Old phone number. And I’ve somehow become an Appleite. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

I don’t know that I’ll ever truely become the kind of person that believes in Apple or nothing. I’ll probably still be looking for other options–hey, it’s what I do. I still stand by much of what I said in my iPad review re: Apple’s philosophy. I still stand by what I said re: accessibility in that same review. My opinions on that will probably not change. But for now, I’ll live with the title of Appleite. And who knows? Maybe something will clock me upside the head and I’ll become a true fanboy. One can only hope. But until then, this works. At least until I start looking for ways to squeeze a couple extra pennies out of Telus. Hey–I’m on disability. It’s the thing to do.

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