Bell Canada gets a reminder in spades. No, you’re not above the law.

For a few years now, Ontario has had a law in place that banned the use of expiration dates on things like gift cards and the like. That law applies to those prepaid cards you can get your hands on for cell service. Except, apparently, in Fantasyland–also known as Bell’s corporate offices. They kept the expiration dates on their prepaid cards. The result? Lawsuit. the suit aims to snag 100 million dollars from Bell, though I have absolutely no idea what their chances are–probably not good, considering how close the CRTC is with these folks. Still, it helps to remind companies like that that no, in fact, the law isn’t just something you can sort of sneak around. Now, if only someone could actually convince Bell, Rogers, Telus etc to quit with the charging $millions for bandwidth overages that don’t actually apply. I know, and yes, I’ll keep dreaming.

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