Sympatico pisses me off again.

For the second time in just over a month, my internets decided they would go south on me. Not pretty. It happened sometime between when I woke up at 5, rolled over, checked the time, cursed, and went back to sleep, and when I finally dragged my ass out of bed at about 7:20 or somewhere thereabouts. I have no idea what the hell caused it this morning–probably another attempt to prevent me from continuing to rebuild my video library (a month or so and counting!). At any rate, it’s irritating as hell. And making me contemplate the possibility of canning Sympatico as my DSL provider. It’s also making me consider the possibility of creating a ‘Sympatico’ category on here. Hey, I did it for moronic cellebrities. Would this be any different? I didn’t think so. In the meantime, Sympatico, fix your crap service.


I have decided, I’ll lose nothing anyway. Category created.


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