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  • Snap your fingers and it’s Sunday.

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    As expected, Jessica’s graduation went off absolutely with no problem whatsoever. She got her diploma, we got a picture, and everyone got to relax a little afterwards with something alcoholic and good conversation. We hit a local bar after the cerimony for a drink or two, and to do some … Read the rest

  • The next great Canadian FAQ.

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    I’ll freely admit, a lot of these answers are still hillarious as hell, and I’ve seen this come across my inbox a few times. The sad part is, even before we were ready to play host to the 2010 olympic games, while I was doing work at Dell, I actually … Read the rest

  • This is college. This was me in college.

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    Anyone curious why it is I didn’t decide to take my parents up on their strong recommendation that I become an English major need only read this. Sure, it’s intended somewhat to be humourous, but sitting in some of the classes I actually managed to go to while I … Read the rest

  • The return of the pot-smelling basement.

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    My apartment in Ottawa had its moments of sheer and utter amusement. Not the least of which is the lower floor that, after about midnight or so, took on a decidedly potlike quality. Usually I only happened to notice because I was, as always, up at that hour–only doing laundry … Read the rest

  • Thanksgiving in a paragraph, or maybe two.

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    It isn’t very often the whole group of us gets together for a dinner or anything like that, so when it happens it tends to get all kinds of interesting. Tonight’s thanksgiving get together was no different. We all–Jessica, Julie, her husband, Tasha and myself–headed over to a friend and … Read the rest

  • The Canadian stereotypes are true!

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    When most people who haven’t actually had anything really to do with Canada think of us, their first impression is often of us sitting around, snacking on some poutine, and sucking back a beer. Which, depending on which part of Canada you’re talking about, probably isn’t all too far from … Read the rest

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