The Rob Ford defense: a practical demonstration.

Remember all those times when folks kept on telling you there are just some types of people you probably ought not to look up to? they’re not wrong. And when one of them’s a crack smoking mayor with an incredible ability to fud all over reality at the drop of a hat, interesting things happen. Like, say, this video for instance. Folks in the RSS and email world will likely need to slide on over to the website itself to have a watch–blame the technology, sadly.

Tons of credit goes to the dad, who–I hope, anyway–rehearsed this with her more than twice. Of course, if I’m wrong and this was entirely on her own, Toronto’s in trouble in about twenty years. Better them than me…

HT to Steve and Carin, who originally found this thing–a small age ago, but I’m a little behind. sue me. Now. Odds on a Fordian defense being employed in the legal system? I’m open…

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