the ford brothers are a step closer to ruining toronto. And it isn’t even because of their policies.

Because not everyone gives a royal anything about what goes on in toronto, you probably missed–or likely didn’t notice– that mayor Rob and councillor doug ford have been on a somewhat ridiculous anti-media bent since, oh, about 3 months after the former was elected. It’s largely been the fords versus the toronto Star, but lately they’ve been expanding. Now, if you ask Doug ford, pretty much anyone in media is a prick. Which, yes, okay, most of them probably can be–especially if they work for the toronto Star and your name happens to be Rob Ford. But, uh, guys? You’re supposed to be, you know, preventing the city of toronto from running full tilt off a fiscal cliff. That does not mean take the wheel instead and run it off a PR cliff. especially if you, oh I dunno, want that self same media to actually cut you a break when you do run something unpopular but still decently inteligent up the flag pole. Oh, and just for reference, if you didn’t mean to offend the self same media you’re eventually going to actually need to find a use for, maybe give not offending them a try. See how that works for ya. In the meantime, nix the public speaking, boys. Or hell, borrow Obama’s teleprompter if resistance is futile. You’ll thank yourselves. Well, okay, maybe not. But I will.

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