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  • Oh my freaking god!

    A wapping 5 posts in one day…. have I gone completely and totally off my rocker?! And I’m no more or less busy today than any other day… granted, 3 of them are quizes and such, but still. Well, okay, so I was more bored than I am most days.
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  • First major blogging catastrophy averted!


    Of course, there wouldn’t have been a catastrophy in the first place if I’d actually, you know, thought what I was doing through last night. But that’s just me. So anyway. I was moving the database I use to a new server, which required that I download it from the
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  • Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed…

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    So apparently heavy metal music is to be credited for saving some 20-year-old’s life after he was hit by a train. What he was even doing on the tracks is anyone’s guess but no one ever said these people were very bright–hell, they listen to heavy metal. He made the
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  • 4:30 Randomness

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    Okay so amidst being bored, I realised just out of completely and absolutely nowhere, that on average I forget about close to 3 birthdays per month. That’s
    just wrong. Well, easy solution… happy birthday to whoever I haven’t said happy birthday to yet this month! Ah, staying awake until damn
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  • I just realised…

    … I have absolutely no life whatsoever. Well, aside from that whole looking for work thing. This is evidenced by the fact that I’ve been roleplaying, in one fashion or another, for upwards of… 3 or 4 years now. Ever since my last year of highschool, anyway. God, I’m pathetic.
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  • Urge to pull someone’s hair out… rising…

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    Okay, so I decide to finally make an email address on this server serve as my primary one, because well, I’m insanely tired of sympatico. Logical choice, you’d think. And you’d be right… usually. But, the day I decide to do it is the day they break their servers. So,
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