First major blogging catastrophy averted!

Of course, there wouldn’t have been a catastrophy in the first place if I’d actually, you know, thought what I was doing through last night. But that’s just me. So anyway. I was moving the database I use to a new server, which required that I download it from the old one. Well, in doing so, PHPMyAdmin decided it would screw up my backup of the database. And of course, stupid little old me didn’t think to set up the new database before deleting the old one, figuring, you know, the backup is stable enough it’ll work. Well, Murphy’s law dropped by to say hello, and anything that could go wrong… did. So, I spent half an hour cursing Murphy’s law last night, and cursing PHPMyAdmin, and 5 minutes slapping together a script that would prevent me from being stupid again. I’m no PHP expert, mind you, but it works! So, yes, I say I lost the database but the website appears for the most part to be intact. Well, it turns out that whehn I set this thing up *way* back at the end of January, I was actually thinking. You can faint now. Normally, I’d be the first to jump on the “static pages are bad” bandwagon. But in this case, staticly built pages saved my ass. Each and every entry had its own little HTML file that didn’t get squashed when I fucked up the database. And I still had the original template files from when I actually figured out what the hell I was doing with the site, so replacing those wasn’t hard. So the better part of the day, meaning up until I started writing this entry, was spent with just me, and the cut/paste commands while I rebuilt the site one tiny little entry at a time. But, with the exception of a few comments on one entry, fortunately the only entry that ever got comments, I think we’re all back together, patchwork and all. The moral of the story? Fuck you, Murphy’s law. I own you!


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  1. I hate Murphy’s law. I’d go buy a gun to shoot it with, but the store would be out of the model I want. Or bullets.

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