Sometimes, family outings are awesomeness.

I hadn’t planned to do a whole lot yesterday, with the exception of posting the very little info I managed to get my hands on regarding Ontario’s, shall we say, ripping off of an entire class of tax payer. But, as often tends to happen, plans came up and told me otherwise. So, instead I wrote those posts the day before, and took advantage of yesterday to go out for breakfast with mom, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin Stephen’s daughter–they were apparently babysitting her, unbeknownst to us when we dropped the invite. Which ended up working out for the better, since I had a sneaking suspicion breakfast with these particular people would translate to a morning spent doing very little.

I was right, and it did exactly that. Fortunately seeing the baby served to counter the otherwise boredom. She’s approaching 2, and I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve actually seen her–which, naturally, explained why she pretty much had absolutely no idea who I was. Then again, when you’re still measuring your life in months as opposed to years, it happens.

Breakfast took up a fair bit of the morning, followed by a run to Wall Mart where we once again ran into them. Which, as often happens, meant we spent 3/4 of the time there browsing/talking/generally being bored before we finally managed to pick up the two things we’d intended to go there for. The rest of the morning, and a goodly chunk of the afternoon, was taken up with a visit to my grandparents, who I also don’t get to see a whole lot of recently–and, again, we were followed there by my aunt and uncle which meant our visit ended up being longer than we’d planned. Fortunately, the cute factor made it semi-entertaining–which is more than I can say for a lot of visits there. I came back here, intent to grab a power nap and ended up grabbing a bout of unconsciousness instead.

All in all, a semi-productive, not quite lazy, but still non-boring enough to be somewhat noteworthy day. Plus, time spent with a kid not yet old enough to make you want to curse the existence of kids everywhere. Epic win by default. And now, I attempt to invent a Monday. God help me.

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