Outings and lazyness abound.

After an earlier than expected wake-up call by a couple of extremely hyper dogs (7:00 AM is not the time to be climbing on the unemployed, just FYI), mom and I had to do a bit of running around. We took one of said dogs, he who shall continue to be known as dust mop, into the vet this morning for his yearly checkup and whatnot. Turns out nothing was wrong with him that we didn’t already know about. We had to do a bit more rambling after that, which involved a stop at a little cafe I didn’t know was in the area for coffee. Then we headed it up back home to put our feet up for a bit; mom was starting to get a little on the tired side and she still has to work today. The staying home didn’t last all that long, as aunt Holly called wanting to know if we wanted to do coffee. Instead, we decided we’d do lunch instead. That killed about an hour and a half, then aunt Holly had to run off to work and mom had to get ready to do the same. Now, I’m kinda kickin it around the place watching a TNG episode and seeing what kinds of trouble I can cause online. Nothing’s jumping out at me yet, but the night’s still young. Methinks the rest of the evening’s gonna be spent being several different kinds of lazy. It may or may not involve random conversations with certain people; it depends on how late and how wasted some of those certain people wind up getting. For right now, though? I’ve been trying to write this entry since 2:00 and it’s only now being finished. So I am going to go rade the fridge for caffinated things and call it an evening. Like the man said, I’ll be back.


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