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  • In which ConfigServer quite possibly breaks WordPress. Oof.

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    I’ve been dabbling in the more involved server admin business for the past while. One of the things we’ve been experimenting with for the better part of a month is the firewall provided by ConfigServer. It’s halfway decent for what it does, as long as you’re not trying to … Read the rest

  • I can haz no webmessengerz?

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    So apparently they’ve gotten smart and blocked all the good web to IM services out there. I didn’t want a way to kill a lunch hour anyway. Anyone have an alternative to things like meebo, MSN’s web messenger, ebudy and… um, all those? Will pay in… um, praise. ‘Cuz that’s … Read the rest

  • I just want a Leafs game…


    I used to have a trick I could pull off last year, near the end of the season, to see just how bad the Leafs actually flopped when it came down to playoff time. I could even manage to do so from work. But, for the life of me, I … Read the rest

  • CD burner, anyone?

    I thought I at one point had a CD burning program on my machine that *wasn’t* Windows Media Player. It turns out I was wrong. Or I did and it was mysteriously removed. Either way, if anyone’s got a suggestion for one, it’d be awesomely awesome. Preferably free, preferably decent. … Read the rest

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