I just want a Leafs game…

I used to have a trick I could pull off last year, near the end of the season, to see just how bad the Leafs actually flopped when it came down to playoff time. I could even manage to do so from work. But, for the life of me, I now can’t remember what in the name of everything holy I did to get that. So, I’m putting a general S.O.S to any and all Leafs fans with suggestions for methods and ways I can either catch a game as it’s being played (I know about 640toronto.com and leafs.tv, but… um… no), or catch it when I have a minute but have already missed the live broadcast. The first game of the season’s on Wednesday, not a Monday, and… I’m working. And it’s a training day, so I can’t even call in sick either. But I wanna watch the game! Anyone got suggestions? I’m dyin’ over here…


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