Flames 3, Maple Leafs 1.

I think I liked them better when they were losing consistently. Sure, they were sucking. And doing so like nothing else I’ve ever seen. But they were consistent about it. This team’s kind of off somewhere in the land of confusion. One night, they play like the team that was actually put together to manage some kind of a semi-decent season. The next night, they play more like something the Leafs’ last GM would have thrown together. And he’s no longer working, so draw your own conclusions. Well, at least they’re consistent against this team.

Last time

We got rocked in November, too. Took it by 3 goals during a game from that period in this season’s short history where they were consistently choking. I’m not a statistician by trade, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing the top 10 this year, folks. Sucks, seeing as our first round pick for next year’s already out the bloody door. Oh well, at least we have Kessel.

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