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|I was not fooled yesterday, just scared to death. Twice.

I blame Slashdot, and them there folks what host this blog. The web host thought it would be fun to include as part of their blog posting prank a little thinggy about the company being sold off, and their own control panel–which, by the way, could have benefitted from some of my caffeine this morning–being replaced by CPanel. That very nearly gave me a heart attack–until I remembered what day it was. Then I promptly did something I don’t do, like, ever–I thanked Christ and the chick who shot him out. I despise CPanel.

Slashdot, I think, wasn’t even trying this year. Their post, completely and entirely–I suspect purposely–uneditted and otherwise not anywhere near the type of post I’d expect to see from Slashdot, made a big show of a whole bunch of linux distributions, including Gentoo, merging. Yeah, I fell for it–for approximately .3 seconds. Though, admittedly, something like this would be nice if it were an actual serious thought. Too bad the leaders in those respective communities couldn’t manage to get along enough to make something like that work if they tried–which they probably never actually would. Different philosophies, and all. Kinda like me and Apple–more on that in another, later, caffeine-induced entry.

No one actualy tried to pull one over on me yesterday. My blood pressure, though? May not be quite the same for a while…

Edit: I fail at HTML on laptop. Or typing on laptop, anyway.


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