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  • Why I’m glad I have a copy of XP kicking around at home.

    Shit, Microsoft, it’s dead already. Let it go. You’re releasing fucking Windows 7 in like a year anyway. PS: Sometimes, I love this job.

  • Damn.

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    I could have paid $1000 less for this and not had to go find XP compatible drivers for my beast of a machine currently sitting in my living room? And yet I did it the hard way anyway? … Yes, I am ubergeek. But we knew this already. ***************** Canada’s … Read the rest

  • I had links for to post. Again.

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    IE went sideways. Again. It’s days like this when I wish the great firewall of Dell played nice nice with Firefox. Oh yeah, and IE crashed hard enough to take out all my links, and the site I was pulling those links from, but the company tools that need IE … Read the rest

  • I should stop having such conversations.

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    So the last couple days, for whatever reason, the topic of people’s entitlement issues, be they disabled or otherwise, came up in conversations that were had with samari76. Reasons they should not be had on such a frequent basis: I got the ultimate entitlement call this morning. Warning: technical … Read the rest

  • Urg.

    Windows Vista does hurty things to my head. That is all.

  • What I’d do if I wasn’t so goddamn poor/cheap/otherwise unwilling.

    I’d go buy me one of these. Hardcore geeks, please try not to cream yourselves.

  • Now all I need’s an actual demo.

    this courtesy silly-singer. The Mac voice demonstration is actually fairly well done… kinda sounds like some of the speech options available in JAWS for Windows, the screenreader I use on this machine and the one at work. Now if I could find a demo of it actually in use, … Read the rest

  • Reason number 9545 why Windows vista is the suck.

    An update Microsoft released to allow vista to actually run properly (note: says nothing about it actually *recognizing*) on a system that has more than 3 GB of RAM… requires that you have less than 3 GB of RAM to install said update, otherwise it falls over and dies. Oh, … Read the rest

  • I speak as a technician, because if I speak as a Dell employee I may be fired.


    Of course if they were to stumble across this I could feel somewhat important before they drop the hammer. If there is the slightest bit of inner geek in you, and you like to actually mess around with the internal workings of a machine, this is a bad idea. Desktop … Read the rest

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