What I’d do if I wasn’t so goddamn poor/cheap/otherwise unwilling.

I’d go buy me one of these. Hardcore geeks, please try not to cream yourselves.

  1. jesus fucking christ! $6000? Yeah, you are officially insane, sir.
    I need to kill cell money, so I might call you later if I remember.

    1. Yes, but… but… it’s water cooled! And quad core! And… and… *dies*

      1. they make quad cores cheaper than that. and, water cooled? I kind of don’t get that, like is there some kind of contained water thingy inside? Yeah, i am teh suck, sorry.
        I’d call and annoy you now, but you is at work, soooo.

        1. Sadly, they really don’t. Quad cores are still the new thang. Hell you won’t get a decent dual core machine for less than 1500 nowadays. And keep in mind this thing’s a powerful sonova beach even without the awesome that is the quad core.

    1. You can have one after I do. I promise. Maybe.

  2. I’ll keep my quad core water cooled Blackbird thanx. 😀

    1. You know where you can stick your quad core water cooled blackbird, too. 😛

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