So that’s where all the semi-cheap apartments went to.

For about two or three months before I moved to Pembroke, I scouted the apartment listings for a halfway decent place that doesn’t knee me in the wallet. The very few places I found that didn’t were, well, closets. My room during my time at Algonquin College was considerably bigger–they pretended to call it a bachelor. And, of course, now that I’ve found this apartment to fake my way through calling home for a price that almost doesn’t knee me in the wallet, halfway decent places for almost halfway decent prices started becoming available. Now, just when I can’t actually move into a place like that. Somebody clearly has a very cruel sense of humour. Nice to know such creatures exist, though. Now, if they just could have showed up while I was still looking.

  1. worst place to rent is Pembroke petawawa been there done that very greedy landlords up there

    1. I had a decent experience renting in Petawawa. My only gripe is you require a driver’s license to exist there, but rent didn’t suck. As for my landlord? I rarely heard from him–which, actually, worked well for me.

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