I should stop having such conversations.

So the last couple days, for whatever reason, the topic of people’s entitlement issues, be they disabled or otherwise, came up in conversations that were had with samari76. Reasons they should not be had on such a frequent basis: I got the ultimate entitlement call this morning. Warning: technical terminology follows. I am not defining it.

Ordinarily I don’t bother to post crap that goes on here in great detail on here because really, it’s not worth mentioning. But this one, ohmygod. For the blind/visually impaired folks on my list, if you thought the entitlement issues had by some of us were huge, this one’ll floor ya. Girl calls in, has had a few things replaced on her system already. A HD, a motherboard, her memory. System’s about 2 years old so yeah, stuff’s gonna start to go whacky. The guy she talked to like a month ago decided he’d be an idiot, and tell her she’s entitled to a system exchange if something else on that system fails. Not a very inteligent thing to say to a customer like this; you’ll see why momentarily.

Fast forward to today. She calls in because she can’t get into Windows. Says she gets a black screen that tells her to hit f1 to continue. That’s pretty much all the last technician she spoke to put in his case notes, anyway. So he futzed around with it, and decided that she can’t get into Windows because her CD drives are done. At this point, he gets half credit; the CD drives *were* toast. But as it turned out after she escentially got pissy and was sent to me for a system exchange (why he didn’t try putting it through on his own is beyond me, other than it’d never get approved), not her actual issue. All it was was pretty much chicky was too fucking lazy to press f1. So to shut her up, I ended up going into the bios and escentially telling the computer not to look for anything atached to the ports her CD-ROMs were atached to. Poof. Instant ability to boot into Windows. Root cause of the issue? User failure.

And now, I go write up that work order to have her CD-ROMs replaced. Why must most people possess an IQ lower than 3…?

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4 responses to “I should stop having such conversations.”

  1. dude, why would someone even exchange a system that old unless she had an extended warranty. Which, i’m guessing she did not.
    Second, buh? she’s too lazy to press f1 when that’s all the computer was telling her to do and that would’ve fixed her issue? wow, and I thought I was lazy.

    • If she didn’t have the extended warranty, she wouldn’t be talking to me about a 2-year-old system. But still. The general rule is, if we see *consistent* problems with a particular component, we’ll replace the system. This was neither consistent nor a problem.

  2. Sounds like the previous rep’s IQ wasn’t all that high if he didn’t know that. Plus, why would he tell her something if it wasn’t true? Gurhrhrhrhrhr!

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