I could have paid $1000 less for this and not had to go find XP compatible drivers for my beast of a machine currently sitting in my living room? And yet I did it the hard way anyway? … Yes, I am ubergeek. But we knew this already.


Canada’s job bank is tempting me to apply for this. Sadly, I’d have to wait ’til the end of June so I don’t end up missing out on teh royally kick-ass severence package, but it’s tempting to fire off an application at these people anyway. Worst they can say is no.


Firefox plays nice with this system after all. Life is good. Now if I can just convince it to play nice with corporate tools, I can use a whole lot less IE. Not that I should say much; I still use IE for a fair bit at home. But there is the Firefox love, too!


The crap I find to entertain myself while trying to fix someone’s webcam. I need to be more productive, methinks.

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