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  • I don’t think I like this…


    There is still calls for snow. It’s April. IT’s baseball season. And we’re still calling for snow. Cruel and unusual, that. But then, this is the same person who’d of loved to have been done with snow after about, oh… December 26th. How’d that go? *scoff* It’s all cool and … Read the rest

  • Me versus the job market, round 9524…


    Okay so it hasn’t been that big a battle. Feels like it some days. I fired off applications left, right and center. Have been doing that for… oh, I don’t even know exactly how long now… heh. Maybe a year or so. I’ve got a total of… hmm… *thinks* 2 … Read the rest

  • I have way too much fun…


    … laughing at people who get so wrapped up in the idea of a game. And it wasn’t even a good game, either. Star Conquest, the original game written, owned and run by Squid Soft, is supposedly eventually coming back online sometime between now and the day hell freezes … Read the rest

  • It was a mistake for crying out loud!


  • Out for breakfast = shopping… since when?

    I still have yet to pin down exactly how it is going out for breakfast leads to this whole shopping thing. I mean, I have no problem with shopping… I needed to buy me some new clothes anyway, but it’s breakfast. And it’s shopping. One has nothing to do with … Read the rest

  • If I were a college student, I’d cry…

    Colleges around here have been on strike now for a week or so, and there’s not much leaning in the favour of a resolution any time relatively soon. Not quite so bad, unless you’re one of the students attending said colleges. Then, it becomes a matter of whether or not … Read the rest

  • Small progress is progress still… right?


    So, I finally got fed up and called the aforementioned place of potential future employment, just to see where it is I stand… since I hadn’t heard anything in 2 weeks and I was supposed to have heard back in a week. Still don’t know where I stand, but at … Read the rest

  • Some melodrama with your roleplay?


    Just once I’d like a roleplaying game without the politics. Yeah, it’s not a world-changing issue but I don’t care. I play, well used to play, 2 RPG’s, one of which has been shut down now for 4 months or so–I still play the other. Both games, however, are pretty … Read the rest

  • Why, oh why…

    Okay, I know the disability support program is supposed to be here for the sake of people who, for whatever reason, can’t get hired so they can pay their bills and things still. But, one would think they’d have something in place to help these people find work so they … Read the rest

  • Urge to pull someone’s hair out… rising…

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    Okay, so I decide to finally make an email address on this server serve as my primary one, because well, I’m insanely tired of sympatico. Logical choice, you’d think. And you’d be right… usually. But, the day I decide to do it is the day they break their servers. So, … Read the rest

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