Some melodrama with your roleplay?

Just once I’d like a roleplaying game without the politics. Yeah, it’s not a world-changing issue but I don’t care. I play, well used to play, 2 RPG’s, one of which has been shut down now for 4 months or so–I still play the other. Both games, however, are pretty much up in arms at the staff level about God only knows what. The one that’s shut down, though, has taken it to a whole new level of immature. Both sides, as indicated on this site, and as echoed on this one, have effectively said “We’re not bringing the game back online until they back off.” Hmmm… you’re not being payed for it, and it sure as hell isn’t unionised… so uh, grow up and let people play. Really… I know children who act less childish.


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