Maple Leafs 2, Bruins 0.

I see how it is. I miss a game on account of all manner of antics, and they go off and win. Not just win, but shut them out. But it took me not watching the game for them to actually do so. Guys, next time you go up against a team against which you suck and you manage to win–which, hopefully, is tomorrow, do me a huge favour and maybe do it when I’m sitting in front of something that allows me to watch the game? Please?

Last Time<

I sat in this very room, across from this very computer, and watched as we got our asses kicked in Boston. We kind of forgot to show up for that game. Then proceeded to go back home and beat up on a few teams over there. We got shut out by Buffalo on Friday. Could this be the turn-around game? Since we play Buffalo again on Monday… God I hope so.

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