Maple Leafs 3, Islanders 2.

I don’t know how it happened. I’m not even totally sure it did. We actually didn’t suck last night. Well, we weren’t playing like a team that deserves a playoff spot, what with blowing a 2-goal lead in the third only to scrape out a winner at the 16 minute mark, but we didn’t suck. And hell, even Blake managed something he hasn’t done in like forever–put in his third in a week. We’d of shut them out if it hadn’t been for Tavares. Hell, even Toskala played his new usual consistent game. Which makes me wonder if he’s been doping or something. We’ll see if Ron Wilson goes with Joey McDonald tonight against Boston. Ah hell, it’s Boston. If it’s anything like the last Boston game I’ll just skip watching it.

Last Time

They had no problem with icing us 4 3 about 2 weeks ago. Conveniently, or perhaps not, Toskala started that game too–and didn’t last long. Don’t look now, but comparing performances, I might be inclined to say he’s improved since then. Might be. But we’ll still have to see. Good lord I hope our actual number 1 comes back.

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