Devils 4, Maple Leafs 3.

How in the 7 levels of hell did that happen? Three, yes three, awesomely sweet goals in the second period against yet another olympic goaltender–one playing for team Canada next week, of all things–and we go and give it up. Through most of the game we pretty well owned. I mean, really and solidly owned. Last 4 minutes of the third, and the Devils just got cheap. Hell, for the last couple minutes of the game they played 5 forwards, for crying out loud. There’s not such thing as a bad forward on that team, so you stick 5 out there and we have problems. The 6th they threw on in the last minute didn’t help us either. Ah well, that’s life in Leafs nation. At least we didn’t suck this time.

Last time

Different story 3 days ago in Toronto. We played just as well, and actually managed to nail the two points. Plus, we shut them out. Of course we also had Giguere in net. Not that that might have helped us last night, but hey, the media’s gotta have something to blame.

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