Islanders 4, Maple Leafs 3.

We were doing so well, too. Well, for about a period and a half anyway. We kept them off the board in the first, and even Toskala managed to make a few huge saves in the frame. I mean, granted we didn’t do a whole lot of actually scoring ourselves, but work with me here. The second was a bust, completely. To the point where we had to change goalies. When the Leafs have to change goalies in the second period, you know they’re not doing very well. The only bright spot in that period was Kessel put yet another one in the net. That made 6 since he became a Leaf. We somehow managed to tie it up in the third, but I couldn’t help but get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. And, sure enough, the overtime winner was an Islanders point. I was surprised. Not because we lost yet again, but because the fact that we lost yet again was perhaps the least surprising thing to me in a very long time. Guys, I know I said we love to lose, but… well… we love to win, too. Can we maybe try that a bit more? Please?

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