Bruins 5, Maple Leafs 2.

It’s safe to say it. We sucked. By end of second, we were eating a 3 0 disadvantage that didn’t get a whole lot better in the third. We got within one, and that was it. It wouldn’t have been quite as bad, but the fifth of five was an empty-net gimmy that Ron gambled would maybe manage somehow to pull off the scoring of 2 goals in a minute. With this team? Hell of a gamble, Ron.

Last time

I have no problem saying this either. On their last meeting, we sucked even worse. We were down by a couple more before we finally got the first one in the back of the net–and it didn’t even dent their lead. If I had to guess, and fortunately for my sanity I don’t, I’d say we really really don’t like playing Boston. Or at least, not *in* Boston. But, they don’t pay me to guess. And I know better.

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