Well, I guess it had to happen.

First, I should probably point out that I haven’t RP’d there in ages. But, that said, before I stopped having time to RP there and still keep up with everything else, including some fairly interesting RP I’ve got going on elsewhere when I can manage to log on, I’d been playing there fairly consistently for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3-4 years. And, I just found out not even half an hour ago, Eternal Struggle is shutting down. I didn’t even find out from the people in charge… rather indirectly, from someone who barely talks to the people in charge. Apparently, it’s been decided for the past couple weeks, and the plan is not to tell anyone–I guess one of the owners accidentally let it slip, then? Anyway. Yeah, it’s a little irritating, but like I said, I guess it had to happen. Numbers have been fairly low for, well, the past like 6 months, and they’re only getting lower. I dunno, they could have, maybe? … just said something about it, rather than just let it wind down until it’s eventually not there and whoever shows up to play not having a clue. Bleh. People’s reasoning for doing things is one thing I’ll never quite understand. Ah well, it’s done, I gave up any right I had to a say over it when I left the staff. Anyway… I’ll probably hold off actually publishing this entry until after it’s shut downn or at least until it becomes fairly well known… not that anyone from ES actually reads this thing anyway, but for just on the off chance people do, yeah, it was planned. And, yeah, they knew it would happen. The only reason you didn’t is because they wanted to keep it a secret. That’s politics, though. And that’s why I didn’t really care too much when I ended up having to leave the staff. I like RL politics. Politics in my RP, though, pisses me off.


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  1. OH MY GOD! After searching for the last few months on endless webby pages as to why ES shut down, finally! Thank you for being the first person to tell me! I can’t believe they didn’t even post a notice on the website. I was heartbroken… I know I hadn’t been properly playing for months (lots of exams) but still…. that was a part of my teenagehood…. now I’m completely lost with no MUD to run to. Sigh… if you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. I tried Shadow Siege and I reeeeeally couldn’t get into it. I can’t find anything with the RP gold that ES used to have…

  2. Well, see, they did. And then they took it down like a week later. Or that’s the impression I got anyway. Personally I hadn’t been bothering with it all that much for a month or two before then. Oh, and, um… yay Kylie! *hugs*

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