Guest Submission: New Worlds Ateraan attends the ACB convention

Have you ever read a book and wondered what it would be like to play one of the characters?

This year at the ACB convention you can learn about the text only online role playing game known as New Worlds Ateraan.

This high adventure, fantasy role playing game is based on the book The Light of the Path and staff members from New Worlds Ateraan will host a seminar on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Come to the seminar and you will learn how to become immersed in the world of Ateraan, a planet like earth where you walk among mystical creatures and live in an incredible country of fantastic magic and intrigue.

The seminar will introduce screen reader usage, character interaction, and the best methods of role playing by your host, a professional film and theater actor.

Now you can join hundreds of men and women characters like Neechi in an online adventure that becomes nearly real.

Join us this year at the New Worlds Ateraan Seminar at the ACB convention.

To see what a few other players have to say about the game look here.


Giving in to the Imperium Nova.

I used to be heavy into RPg’s (role Playing Games) when I didn’t have much else to do. It was a medieval game first, called The eternal Struggle. I played and helped admin that game from about my last year of highschool to a fair bit after I ended up not doing so hot in college. There are a few entries up here on the topic–I didn’t do quite so well at this then, so they rather suck large by today’s standards. Well, except for the fact that I wrote more of them back then but you’ll have that. From there, I ran into a Star Trek themed RPG that I’ve been haunting also forever, called Star Trek: A Call To Duty–that game, as you might expect, is still going–albeit with not quite as much force as when I started playing. I’ve recently become less involved with that game as well, what with life deciding to pick up and get busy on me. but I’ve always kept an interest in roleplaying.

Add to that, I’ve always–as in, long before my first experience with RP–had a kind of liking for the more strategy oriented games. You know the ones–games that actually require you plan things out, and not expect to be able to finish the game in half an hour. My first ever game of that variety is a game who’s name I can’t even remember, that I don’t think is even running anymore. But I eventually graduated to games like Warring Factions (yes, again with the science fiction aspect of things). Promptly got my ass smoked, but hey, have to start somewhere. That, and things like it, are responsible for the deaths of many late late hours my parents probably still wish I’d spent sleeping.

So when I accidentally tripped over a game that has elements of science fiction, medieval stuffs, roleplay and strategy, I of course had to play with it just a little tiny bit. And then a little more. And then convert the roommate. It’s an interesting twist on a bunch of things I used to need separate games to do, depending on my mood. And, while I haven’t seen a whole lot of the actual rP just yet, what I’ve seen of it keeps me interested enough that when something comes up I can be involved in, I’ll probably waste many a late late hour doing that yet again.

the game, if absolutely obliterating your weekend schedule interests you, is Imperium Nova. As said, it’s not the type of game you can be finished in half an hour–I’ve been at it for only a couple weeks, and I’ve not entirely yet gotten off the ground. But the setup is interesting, and with the exception of a few qwerks, it’s at least something to kill a lunch hour being distracted by. Which is probably exactly why someone should probably lock me out of that game if I should ever find a job. Fortunately the way things are looking that won’t be a concern for a while but that’s a whole new story. Or the same old one, if you’ve been reading. Check it out if you’re exceedingly bored. And if you decide to play, drop a comment or an email over this direction. Or maybe I’ll just run into you. It’s been known to happen.

Like Star Trek? Like to roleplay?

I’ve been doing the RP thing since 2002. I’ve been doing the science fiction thing since I was a kid. In 2004, I combined the two and ended up joining Star Trek: A Call to Duty. Games like that, especially if you’re into the whole sci-fi and/or Star Trek genre, should be a requirement for anyone with an inclination towards creative writing. They have chatroom, forum and email-based groupings, all varying in skill/detail from fairly good to downright awesome–I’ve played via all three methods since joining.

For the Trekky nuts, the game takes place post-Voyager–the alternate timeline from Enterprize and the movie hasn’t happened. Each grouping does its own thing, and occasionally will get together for game-wide plotlines to handle various situations–last one I participated in was a war on a slightly smaller scale than that with the dominion in Deep Space 9. If you have absolutely any interest in roleplaying, or creative writing in general, you are strongly encouraged to at least give it a look. You may or may not be impressed. At the very least, you won’t be bored.

This shameless plug brought to you by me. Because sometimes, reality sucks–but roleplay’s always good.

Spammers are getting creative. Well, that blows.

I just got an email advertising cheap pills from an email address apparently belonging to one of my RP characters. And the name isn’t exactly what I’d call a common one, either. Um, kay then. Is this a sign that I maybe possibly perhaps just a little RP too much? Anyone? When one’s own characters email you…

The secret to pissing people off: write an entry and wait 6 months.

I’d of thought, at least from a general perspective anyway, people tended to stick to commenting to the more recently posted entries, unless you’re a spammer/troll/idiot. So why’s an entry I posted in June just now getting a response from the very people it was aimed at? Not that I’m complaining, really–it *was*, after all, exactly what I expected. But really. Oh, and, I personally like this one.

We have long since left our days of ES behind and stand on our own as an inpendant and continuingly succesful game. I do not see the need to drag up old

I wonder if she even bothered to figure out exactly how old that entry is. Probably not… she just heard someone was criticising her MUD, and thought she’d set the record straight. Welp, it’s still crooked, but I’ll let you have your delusions. I do just have to point out something, though. If you’re gonna try rubbing in the fact a place shuts down, it might actually do you a fair bit of good to know the details. Like, say… when it shut down–no, contrary to the one person’s comment in the above posted entry, it wasn’t in June. But like I said, I’ll let you have your delusions. Just don’t be too surprised when reality slaps you in the face. I expect another predictable response to this entry in roughly 6 months. And by then, I’ll have forgotten what in the hell you’re going on about. But oh well.

Well, I guess it had to happen.

First, I should probably point out that I haven’t RP’d there in ages. But, that said, before I stopped having time to RP there and still keep up with everything else, including some fairly interesting RP I’ve got going on elsewhere when I can manage to log on, I’d been playing there fairly consistently for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3-4 years. And, I just found out not even half an hour ago, Eternal Struggle is shutting down. I didn’t even find out from the people in charge… rather indirectly, from someone who barely talks to the people in charge. Apparently, it’s been decided for the past couple weeks, and the plan is not to tell anyone–I guess one of the owners accidentally let it slip, then? Anyway. Yeah, it’s a little irritating, but like I said, I guess it had to happen. Numbers have been fairly low for, well, the past like 6 months, and they’re only getting lower. I dunno, they could have, maybe? … just said something about it, rather than just let it wind down until it’s eventually not there and whoever shows up to play not having a clue. Bleh. People’s reasoning for doing things is one thing I’ll never quite understand. Ah well, it’s done, I gave up any right I had to a say over it when I left the staff. Anyway… I’ll probably hold off actually publishing this entry until after it’s shut downn or at least until it becomes fairly well known… not that anyone from ES actually reads this thing anyway, but for just on the off chance people do, yeah, it was planned. And, yeah, they knew it would happen. The only reason you didn’t is because they wanted to keep it a secret. That’s politics, though. And that’s why I didn’t really care too much when I ended up having to leave the staff. I like RL politics. Politics in my RP, though, pisses me off.


Awesome roleplay located. If you like science fiction and like RP, check it out… hell, if you don’t like science fiction and like RP, check out a few other games. There’s no shortage of places to RP there, depending on what you’re into… I mean, hell, they’ve got D and D, if that’s any indication. Don’t ask me which ruleset they use–I don’t play it, I just know they have it since I moonlight as one of the guys that maintains the servers these games sit on. So, anyway. I don’t RP in person because, well, I don’t. But I get plenty of my fill online. There, and a few other places. I should post logs of some of said RP up here. Eventually. Maybe. Feh, hell no.

Well, that amused me.

So, the scheduled RP for tonight on my Star Trek RPG was rather cancelled, but at least I managed to find those quizes to be quite the amusing distraction. Which is good, because now, I get to be bored to tears ’til I fall asleep, assuming I ever actually get to deciding to do that any time tonight. Although, to be blatantly honest… I don’t fucking feel like it. On that, I blame the caffeine. Every single time. Yay for constant awakeness, though. Now to find some RP to go with it.

Take that, Shadow Siege!

Well, 3 years later and it looks like Shadow Siege is the one going downhill. This after, almost 3 years ago to the day, its co-owners were pretty much swearing up and down it would be Eternal Struggle that would fall apart once they left. There’s something satisfying about hearing that, not only have most of the people that followed the mass exitus away from ES when SS was originally created, but also most of the newer players have gotten fed up with the bullshit and left. So much for a RP friendly atmosphere, eh Mina?

Shadow Siege is a specialised type of mud in that it is roleplay enforced. This means that the focus is not to go out and kill anything that moves, but
rather to put up with the staff trying to direct RP in exactly the manner they want it to proceed, and kill off those characters that attempt to stray away from our neat little script, while giving all sorts of IC perks to the people we happen to be friends with OOCly.

There. Now it looks the way it’s supposed to.

Commic relief to the max, or something.

Everyone who bothers to actually read this already knows I’m an avid roleplayer. And, they also know the majority of said roleplay occurs on Eternal Struggle. So I won’t bother with mentioning that in future. Not that anyone reads this really, but you know… So, I’ve gone and created a character specificly for commic relief. He’s not very bright–well, actually, he borders on brainless. HE’s extremely fat, short, and ugly. Well, maybe not for his race but by most people’s standards he is. But he’s oodles of fun to play! I’ll have a picture of him eventually. Maybe. If people actually want to see it. And if
someone will give me a hand with it. Lynn, I’m looking at you… 🙂

You know too much is happening when you don’t have time to blog.

Well, on the bright side, part of the too much that’s happening is I’m back on staff at Eternal Struggle, better known as that place that’s stolen all my RP ability. So when I can I’ve been getting caught up with things there and helping out wherever. Aside from that… eh. Reality sucks. But we know this already. Maybe next time I post something it’ll have more content to it. Not making any promises, mind you.

I have way too much fun…

… laughing at people who get so wrapped up in the idea of a game. And it wasn’t even a good game, either. Star Conquest, the original game written, owned and run by Squid Soft, is supposedly eventually coming back online sometime between now and the day hell freezes over. Yeah, I played the game occasionally… it killed a few hours when you’re in the mood for things tedius. But to listen to some people go off on their blog, you’d think the world was that much closer to coming to an end every time it turns out the game isn’t coming back up yet. God, I thought that was just a Diablo craze thing. Someone put these people out of my misery… I don’t wanna laugh at them anymore. Oh, never mind. Yes I do.

I think I have personality issues.

One should not go from one extreme to the other so easily as I managed to do last night. People who aren’t interested in roleplaying can feel free to skip to the quizes. Or go elsewhere. I recommend Part of the night last night was spent playing a drunken asshole on Eternal Struggle. That was some serious fun RP. Then, on that same game, a not so drunk just as assholeish outlaw/criminal/something or other. All that sandwitched around a security officer on my Star Trek RPG. Yeah, I’m into the whole trek thing. Sue me. Anyway… this leads me to the conclusion that I’m a tiny bit more fucked up than the average loon. But oh well, it kills a few hours… or an entire night. So it’s all good.

Some melodrama with your roleplay?

Just once I’d like a roleplaying game without the politics. Yeah, it’s not a world-changing issue but I don’t care. I play, well used to play, 2 RPG’s, one of which has been shut down now for 4 months or so–I still play the other. Both games, however, are pretty much up in arms at the staff level about God only knows what. The one that’s shut down, though, has taken it to a whole new level of immature. Both sides, as indicated on this site, and as echoed on this one, have effectively said “We’re not bringing the game back online until they back off.” Hmmm… you’re not being payed for it, and it sure as hell isn’t unionised… so uh, grow up and let people play. Really… I know children who act less childish.