Giving in to the Imperium Nova.

I used to be heavy into RPg’s (role Playing Games) when I didn’t have much else to do. It was a medieval game first, called The eternal Struggle. I played and helped admin that game from about my last year of highschool to a fair bit after I ended up not doing so hot in college. There are a few entries up here on the topic–I didn’t do quite so well at this then, so they rather suck large by today’s standards. Well, except for the fact that I wrote more of them back then but you’ll have that. From there, I ran into a Star Trek themed RPG that I’ve been haunting also forever, called Star Trek: A Call To Duty–that game, as you might expect, is still going–albeit with not quite as much force as when I started playing. I’ve recently become less involved with that game as well, what with life deciding to pick up and get busy on me. but I’ve always kept an interest in roleplaying.

Add to that, I’ve always–as in, long before my first experience with RP–had a kind of liking for the more strategy oriented games. You know the ones–games that actually require you plan things out, and not expect to be able to finish the game in half an hour. My first ever game of that variety is a game who’s name I can’t even remember, that I don’t think is even running anymore. But I eventually graduated to games like Warring Factions (yes, again with the science fiction aspect of things). Promptly got my ass smoked, but hey, have to start somewhere. That, and things like it, are responsible for the deaths of many late late hours my parents probably still wish I’d spent sleeping.

So when I accidentally tripped over a game that has elements of science fiction, medieval stuffs, roleplay and strategy, I of course had to play with it just a little tiny bit. And then a little more. And then convert the roommate. It’s an interesting twist on a bunch of things I used to need separate games to do, depending on my mood. And, while I haven’t seen a whole lot of the actual rP just yet, what I’ve seen of it keeps me interested enough that when something comes up I can be involved in, I’ll probably waste many a late late hour doing that yet again.

the game, if absolutely obliterating your weekend schedule interests you, is Imperium Nova. As said, it’s not the type of game you can be finished in half an hour–I’ve been at it for only a couple weeks, and I’ve not entirely yet gotten off the ground. But the setup is interesting, and with the exception of a few qwerks, it’s at least something to kill a lunch hour being distracted by. Which is probably exactly why someone should probably lock me out of that game if I should ever find a job. Fortunately the way things are looking that won’t be a concern for a while but that’s a whole new story. Or the same old one, if you’ve been reading. Check it out if you’re exceedingly bored. And if you decide to play, drop a comment or an email over this direction. Or maybe I’ll just run into you. It’s been known to happen.

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