The trekky in me just squeed. A lot.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I was, like, tiny. Not entirely sure exactly how old, but I do remember coming home from school, watching the usual cartoons, then changing the channel to CHRO–this was obviously way way back before things like A Channel and the like–to watch TNG. I caught my fair share of flack for it–“Star Trek? Again? You’re not grown out of that yet?”–but I didn’t really care. Hell, I still don’t. Which is why I have an external hard drive with everything from TNG to Enterprize sitting on it. Well, okay, that, plus I have an interest in commercial free TV.

Still, with all my interest in Star Trek, it never occured to me to do anything beyond watch the shows, play a video game or two, and later–meaning in present day–take up roleplaying in the genre. So I didn’t do the trivia thing until recently.

Now, though, I’ve decided I might as well go about the doing of that. And, in just an hour of doing so, I discover Vulcan does actually exist. No, not the planet, per say. But rather a town in Alberta that was originally founded in 1910, 50 or so years before the concept of Star Trek was even a theory on a piece of scrap paper. And it’s now Canada’s Star Trek capital.

Holidaymakers are being urged to ‘boldy go’ where they’ve never gone before with a visit to the Star Trek Capital of Canada.

The town of Vulcan in Alberta was granted the official title earlier this month and is now being billed as a ‘logical year-round destination for science-fiction enthusiasts and Star Trek fans from across the galaxy’.

The trekky in me is having a very small heart attack. Excuse me for just a minute. Okay, that’s much better. Now, to go see if I can’t bribe someone into taking a vacation.

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