Startrek: the sequel?

Rumors continue to float into my RSS reader–thanks, Google alerts–of a possible Star Trek sequel, to be shot in early 2011 or so. Part of me–the part that’s sort of clinging to the old Trek–is kind of hoping they’re just rumors. I mean, I downloaded the first of the new movies. And, yes, for what it is, it’s good. But things like Vulcan being wiped off the map? I can’t wrap my head around that. Nevermind the other 50 billion twists away from the established Trek timeline the movie goes through. It was nice to see the older Spock back in action for maybe one last time, though. Now, to go figure out which one of them screwed with the timeline more–Enterprise, or the movie that came out after it. Anyone feel like offering an opinion? I need to find mine.


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