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  • Oh, if only mister Ignatieff wasn’t running for leadership of a dead party.

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    Already, he did the first smart thing I’ve seen any liberal do in quite a while. He made blatantly obvious the fact that everyone’s favourite president–taken with as much or as little sarcasm as you please–is a disaster. Hm, I’ve said that at least twice on here that I can … Read the rest

  • Golden rule of politics: keep your big mouth shut.

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    And this is why I won’t join any particular political party. Offering opinions on a weblog, which as just about anyone knows I do quite frequently, could stand to get you the boot. Hm, a politician grows some balls and he’s no longer *really* a politician. Too bad, really. It … Read the rest

  • Oh my.

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    When they say a political campaign should catch the attention of the voters, I’m… quite sure they didn’t think someone would actually take it at skin value. But, I was told once the spanish do have a tendency to take things very… uh, literally. Hey, the public and even the … Read the rest

  • Could mister Harper be a Leafs fan?

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    He won’t say. But, there be speculation afoot, and his being all smiles when they scored last night is certainly fueling that fire. Can’t say it’d surprise me, seeing as he *is* Toronto born, but… the irony of it is just too amusing. I wonder if this will spark the … Read the rest

  • And in a brilliant attempt to get in someone’s pants…

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    An immigration judge and former politicion (go figure, eh?) pretty much said the only way a South Korean woman would not be deported is if she had an affair with him, and told absolutely no one. Now, keep in mind that while she was being propositioned, her boyfriend, who was … Read the rest

  • Maybe he just plain can’t read?


    Mister Hillier seems to believe we’re in full support of the goings on in Afghanistan, in spite of a survey that clearly says otherwise. Speculation from the opinionated is simply that maybe he just can’t read? Or, perhaps, he figures that because he says, not for the first time, that … Read the rest

  • Wil Wheaton says it best.

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    I’ve slammed Bush on this thing and in person (no, not in person with him, regretfully) several dozen times. But no one does it quite like mister Wheaton. And I know he isn’t slamming Bush just for the sole purpose of slamming him, but I do have to agree wholeheartedly. … Read the rest

  • All your base are belong to us.


    I never actually thought I’d have a reason to say that. But, so says Pakistan’s president anyway, that’s pretty much what the US told him. Not that it surprises me or anything. This, of course, in the same message he says told him if Pakistan didn’t help the US, the … Read the rest

  • Look at that. I was right.

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    I know I said at least once that if there was a stupidity award, George Bush would get it for sure. Well, there is, and he has. I’d say this should give him an indication so far as about where he stands in the public eye, not just in the … Read the rest

  • If there is a god, let him save New Brunswick.


    All because they redistributed the electoral ridings, the liberals bloody well walked away with a win. Well, at least now, when their new code of ethics comes into effect, they’ll only screw up a province, rather than the whole damn country. Although, to be blatantly honest, I’d still love to … Read the rest

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