All your base are belong to us.

I never actually thought I’d have a reason to say that. But, so says Pakistan’s president anyway, that’s pretty much what the US told him. Not that it surprises me or anything. This, of course, in the same message he says told him if Pakistan didn’t help the US, the US would have just bombed the royal fuck out of them. Yeah, that’s the way we ask for help, morons. Let’s give them a reason to be afraid of us so they’ll actually do our dirty work for us, that way we can’t be the only ones to blame for fucking it up in the first place. As if ordering Pakistan to turn over control of its millitary bases on the border to the US, presumeably under the same threat, wasn’t bad enough. Call me insane for agreeing with Iran’s president here, but the US is making it hard not to. They’re coming across like a superpower who managed to come out of a world war on the winning side and is now using that victory to control the rest of the world. I dunno. Iran’s president’s a whackjob, but damn… if “help us or we’ll blow the fuck out of you” doesn’t put that thought in your head…


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