They’re so like little children…

Tell them no, and they see it as just another reason to go for it. And, in true little child fashion, Iran’s going ahead with all things nuclear. And we’re back to the whackjob comments… I really am running out of things to say about that country that no one else has bothered to say yet. And of course, now the UN will just send Iran’s president to his room with no supper, or something equally rediculous. Because, uh, they’re obviously not really giving a shit. I’ve said it before… middle-east peace is an oxymoron.


2 responses to “They’re so like little children…”

  1. So… the anal retentive perfectionist in me wanted you to know that your title was spelled wrong. Politcally only has one l at the beginning and it should be Incorrect not Uncorrect. It occurs to me that you may have done both of these things on purpose but I can’t help but to mention it…

  2. Is this the part where I get all sorts of cruel and point out you missed an i? 🙂
    Seriously, yeah that was intentional. Too intentional, I think… I had to remind myself I was trying to misspell them. LOL

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