some people should just never be permitted to have children.

Parents pick prayer over doctor; diabetic girl dies. Uh, okay. Ignoring the possible overdramatization of the headline, does somebody want to explain to me what has to go so horribly wrong in a person’s head that they’d cling to something like that for all they’re worth? I mean, granted at no point did I ever claim to understand religion in general; part of the reason why I’m not religious, and don’t really plan to be. But, uh, hello? Even fanaticism has to have at least some limitations to it. And when other members of the same said family speak up and say, “Dood, this doesn’t look right,” one would think that should be a tiny bit of a limitation. If moron of the year was an official award, these folks would have just earned it.

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  1. Here,here

    Okay, so seriously, how DO we get a Moron of the year award started. It would be like the Darwin awards, only the winner of the Moron award wins a place on the Darwin awards, too }:)

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