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My opinion of relying on other people remains uncontested.

And this time, the no contest nod goes to my ISP for taking for freaking ever to escentially flip a switch. I’d originally got told before I moved up here that I’d have everything activated by the 6th of this month. Okay, so that’s not bad. I can live with that. Except not really. Because when I got up here, it turns out I was handed a fair amount of wrong information. The phone number I was originally given when I signed up for phone service earlier last month was wrong. And I’d been handing that out to people getting other things set up. So I spent about a week or so fixing all *that* up. Then, apparently, because the phone number I got was wrong, certain activation of other things (see: long distance service, and quite probably internet) needed to be considerably pushed back a fair bit. And then, they decided to be incredibly nonspecific about when exactly I could expect certain things to be turned on. So, I ended up spending most of yesterday at home, waiting for people to figure out what they were trying to do, only to be told at about 6:00 last night that I didn’t actually have to stay home. Gee, that would have been nice to know before my day was pretty well shot in the ass. So, to be rather blunt, people suck royally. At least, the people I was forced to deal with suck royally. If I ever end up that bad at my job, someone please do me a favour and shoot me. Repeatedly.


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