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Yes, please do shut the fuck up on third world abortion.

There’s a huge blow-up in Ottawa over one senator deciding to say exactly what, on this ages old debate, a lot of Canadians–at least the ones I talk to, anyway–are thinking. We can’t even seem to make up our own minds on how we plan to deal with abortions within our own borders–there is, at the moment, no real clear law one way or the other on the subject. And now, Canada’s liberal party’s pushing to have a portion of our tax dollars going towards funding abortions overseas, in countries wherein it’s probably no more clearly legal than it is here. Naturally, the pushers were rightly told by senator Nancy Ruth to “shut the fuck up about it”.

Now, before I get half a dozen people commenting on what a cold-hearted asshole I am, which wouldn’t be too far from the truth, let’s put it into some common sense perspective here. I have no problem whatsoever with the whole abortion thing. I, personally, think it should be up to the person(s) involved as to whether or not they want one. As the diehard pro-abortion folks are so fond of saying, yes, it’s your body. So do with it what you want. But if it’s not medically necessary, don’t expect me to willingly pay for it. And if you’re not a Canadian citizen currently in Canada getting a medically necessary abortion, I’ll be even less willing to see my taxes go up–and they in all likelyhood will–to pay for it.

Put even more simply, abortion is not birth control. If you don’t want to get pregnant, try birth control. Or try not having sex. And if you try birth control and still end up getting pregnant, put the kid up for adoption. There’s a lineup of families probably 5 miles deep, and that’s just in Canada, who are perfectly capable of raising a child and yet perfectly incapable of having one. They will thank you. If you want to lower the amount of poor people in third world countries who end up pregnant, make the various methods of birth control available to them for free and/or cheap. But don’t take money from an already negative balance to put towards someone who decides to get an abortion for the simple fact they don’t want to be pregnant. Most especially if that someone who just simply doesn’t want to be pregnant is in Afghanistan or somewhere equally, well, problematic.

So far as this new idea that a package without abortion is not family planning, yes, please do shut the fuck up about it. Particularly if it involves my tax dollars. I already don’t have very many left.


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