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To the person who turned off my hot water: fuck you.

So I get up today and decide I’ll grab a shower and then maybe get my day started. Okay, nothing all that unusual about that. Now, I should point out it takes about a minute or two, sometimes 5, for the shower to get to a point where it’s actually considered something I’d want to spend 15 minutes standing under. Well, I wait the customary 5 minutes or so, and wouldn’t you know, the shower’s still damn near ice cold. Give it another minute or so, and it’s still freezing. My first reaction… what in the name of fucksville? So I start turning down the cold water. Now, at this point it should be hot enough that you run the risk of leaving evidence on your hand you’ve stuck it under a tap of running hot water. But, surprise surprise, notta. Okay, it’s been cold as hell here today, I assume the pipes have just frozen over or something. Except you’d think I wouldn’t have cold water either. Well, I’ve got a shitload of other things to get done, including dishes, so I go ahead and get most of that out of the way. Still no hot water, though, so there goes dishes. I finally decide about 10:00 tonight to go and actually check to see what the hell the problem is, and sure enough, some fucktard decided he’d do me a favour and turn off the water for me. Now, I just know someone’s gonna ask me why I didn’t check that first, so I’ll go ahead and explain. See, the tank is *usually* supposed to be locked, and only one person aside from the land lord has a key to said tank–me. Now, I haven’t been down there in a week, and I know that tank’s been turned on for the last week, so that kinda rules out any change I should be aware of. Except, it’s probably a good idea in general to make me aware if you’re replacing the valve on that hot water tank. Especially when, in doing so, you become this building’s biggest moron and decide not to put the lock on said valve. Now, for background’s sake, each apartment has its own hot water tank and it’s supposed to be locked unless, for whatever reason, you’re using it to wash your clothes. I dunno exactly how they decide which hot water from which tank makes it into that machine, but apparently they do. So there are plenty of morons afoot, and some of them will receive a phone call from me later on asking them just where the hell they put that lock, and who I can boot in the ass repeatedly for depriving me of my shower. So, yes. Fuck you for turning off my water. And a big fuck you to the idiot(s) who made it possible. You have officially irritated me.


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