Some wake-up calls are not good things to have.

And, when your power goes out 5 minutes before you plan to shower, that’s not a wake-up call you want to have any part of… especially when you’re not on municipal water, and so depend on electricity for your running water… kinda like us. So, there was lots of excitement to be had… and I didn’t even have to leave the house. Our power *just* came back about 10 minutes ago, more or less, so now I’m kind of somewhere between doing the panic run around the house making sure nothing decides it wants to crap out on us, and contemplating whether or not to risk jumping in the shower to have the power go out yet again. Ah, what the hell. Hydro company made me wait this long… and unless they want another phone call from me, that’s as long as they’re gonna make me wait for the rest of the week. I got crap to do, and more things to rant about later.

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