Bottled water has made an enemy of religion.

You saw it coming. But not really. But it’s here. Oh nos! It is now official United Church of Canada policy not to buy bottled water. I love one of the reasons they give for the decision.

“If you’ve got $100 to spend on groceries each week, we don’t want people buying into some subliminal message that the water in their taps isn’t safe and that . . . they have to be spending $10 to $15 on a couple of cases of bottled water.

Uh, duh… it’s entirely possible some people’s water *isn’t* safe. Besides, no one likes drinking hard water. And, let’s see. What else can I tear apart in this latest piece of brilliant religiousness?

“In fact, they’re paying for their water twice. They’re buying that bottled water and they’re also paying taxes for water — crazy if you’re on a limited income.”

Unless, of course, you’re not on municipal water. Then, things like power outages tend to necessitate the good old bottled water. Granted, this is regarding churches buying bottled water, but the same arguments still apply. I don’t particularly care what your religious philosophy/policy is, but… bah. I will never understand some people’s attempts at logic. That I don’t attend church just makes it less likely I’m going to try.

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