So that’s what having power feels like.

Somewhere around 1:30 we ended up losing power, for reasons I still don’t exactly know. Well, other than that Pembroke/Pettawawa’s hydro system sucks royally. So, needless to say, it was not fun when the temperature outside happens to be hovering at or just barely above freezing. I don’t know exactly, but hey, if it was snowing, and it was (er, uh, still is), then… I guess freezing or just slightly above it is. Fortunately, much like our last attempt at a snow fall, it didn’t stick around. Thank the gods… I’m still too damn lazy to be shoveling. By 4 we were getting pretty close to being fed up with it. And, of course, it was looking more and more like the ever so helpful hydro company estimate would yet again be just a little tiny bit off the mark. By this time now we’re tossing around ideas for supper, taking into account the fact we can’t cook, microwave, or otherwise put any effort into actually making something–thank you, hydro company. We ended up going out instead, since… well, you know, it beat spending the rest of the evening sitting around a powerless house and slowly freezing. And, as Murphy’s law would have it, not even 10 minutes after we get back, we have power again. It almost never fails. Almost, of course, meaning except for, you know, that spell of 24 hours wherein we had no power. *That* was fun. In a… never again kinda way. At least we didn’t freeze that time. And now… I suppose I should get back to what I couldn’t be doing while we were in the dark. Namely, more house hunting.


We aren’t in any of the named areas, but are right between a couple of them, so I suspect strongly we got hit by this mess.

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