That was all sorts of unfun.

Shortly after my last post to this here thing yesterday, we decided to lose power–thank you, thunder storms. Originally it started alternating between going out, and staying on… with the occasional blink/flicker thing in between. Then it just died for good, and stayed dead for over 24 hours. Not good in 30 degree weather. That’s celsius, by the way. We only just got our power back about 8:00 or so, or so I figure anyway, about the same time we were sitting down at a restaurant for supper. This after my aunt and I both spent the day harassing our hydro company for something akin to an answer, or a rough estimate at least, as to when we’d get our power back. Of course, all we got back from them was “We don’t know”, or the famous “Sometime between tonight and tomorrow”. Yeah, helpful. Really. But, I suppose on the up side it was an excuse to kill a couple hours this afternoon in an air conditioned coffee shop. Yay for Tim Horton’s restaurants that actually have power! Now, if Pembroke hydro had actually been paying attention to their phone calls last night, this morning, this afternoon, and part of this evening, *all* of the Pembroke/Petawawa area would have probably had power by that time this afternoon. At least, I can always hope, anyway. It gives me something to bitch about if nothing else.

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