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The G20 should adopt this attitude more often.

For all the screaming and crying about a lack of abortion funding in Canada’s family planning proposal, looks like that group that’s about set to clog up most of Toronto has finally reached what you could call an eleventh hour agreement. And, surprise surprise, they agreed with Canada. Well, sort of.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s maternal health plan will get the green light from the world’s most powerful economies, despite earlier criticism from family planning advocates who complained that no specific funds were allocated for abortion.

Instead, the G20-funded project will allow each nation to allocate the funds as they wish, which opens the door for abortion funding by countries which deem it necessary, Fife reported.

“Each nation will develop their own plans,” he said Thursday night, adding that Canada will pump $1 billion into the plan.

Hey, if the G20 adopted an attitude like that about other things–hello, stimulous versus cutbacks–we’d actually have something resembling progress going on here. And less of a need for the G20. Okay, file that under “when hell freezes”. Next?

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  1. Hey, I’m curious… how are they reporting the G20 riots and protests over there? Are they even giving it any attention? Just find it interesting that over here in the States, they’re barely covering it, and when they do most of them are like, “Well, it’s MOSTLY peaceful, just a few BAD apples…”

    By contrast, when the various Tea Party groups where having various rallies, the news media was ALL OVER the so-called incidents of “racism” and “violence” that had (supposedly) occurred…

    • They’re covering it just about as well as they would practically anything else in toronto–in other words, way too bloody much, IMHO. Only thing they haven’t done yet is give the leaders of said protests their own talk show.

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