Leaving on a jet plane.

Ok, so it’s a bus instead of a plane. I’m still very well on my way. After Jess headed back home a couple weeks ago, we got to talking about my next visit. The plan, or what we’ll just call the plan, was to eventually get a bunch of our friends on her side of the border together for an engagement party of sorts. The next thing I knew, I had a piece of paper in hand that entitled me to a bus ticket.

Now, a month after the proposal, I’m sitting on the Toronto bound leg of my almost random road trip. And I’m still not used to the whole fiance deal. Oh well. I have ages to get there. In the meantime, so long, Canada. See you in two weeks.

PS: All y’all up in Rochester? Save me some booze. If we’re gonna get crazy, one of us won’t be sober.

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