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  • I smell a new participant.


    I could write an entire essay here on exactly why Iran testing surface-to-surface missiles is bad, and not just in the bad as in they’ll get yet more criticism from the US–and me, but that’s mostly because they’re whackjobs–but I’ve probably covered most of those points already here so that … Read the rest

  • Short and sweet, not unlike an election promise.


    And, not unlike an election promise, a week after it was made, Israel’s going and dropping folks off in Lebanon again. Did they not already agree they were pulling themselves out of the country? Granted, they had said before they’d defend themselves… okay, so that’s expected. But, uh, that wasn’t … Read the rest

  • Some would call it good politics.


    It’s amazing how much opinions vary, even on things that would ordinarily be considered positive. If the government of any western country, for instance, or any recognised middle-eastern government started pumping funds into a reconstruction effort, say after something like hurricane Katrina, for instance, it would be seen as the … Read the rest

  • Bush’s minions have been exposed!


    Aha! We hath caughteth the bastards! WARNING: Do not read this article if you lack a sense of humor. Enough said.

  • Because middle-east peace is an oxymoron.


    No sooner do things in Lebanon show signs of possibly getting back to normal, if there is such a thing in the middle-east, does Iran toss its 1.5 cents into the mix. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s some unwritten law that says there can’t be any less than … Read the rest

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