I smell a new participant.

I could write an entire essay here on exactly why Iran testing surface-to-surface missiles is bad, and not just in the bad as in they’ll get yet more criticism from the US–and me, but that’s mostly because they’re whackjobs–but I’ve probably covered most of those points already here so that would just be all kinds of redundant. Instead, I’ll just leave it at this. If Israel was concerned about Iran backing the opposing side of the problem in Lebanon before, this on the heels of the month-long war, and on the heels of Israel’s having violated the ceasefire agreement, now they’re more than likely just downright pissed off. Of course, who wouldn’t be in their place? I mean, after all the hard work Israel went through just to agree to that ceasefire in the first place. Oh, wait, hard work? Where? Well, okay, so it wasn’t completely unexpected… right? I mean, it’s not like there were any kinda warning signs or anything. Oh, yeah, that’s right. There were. Hm. I’ve plum run out of explanations. Who needs an essay on why missiles are bad? I’ve got the makings of another one going on right here. And it only took me 5 days. Too bad I’m not in school where this crap would actually count.


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