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  • Happy belated pappy’s day, pappy!

    So, I finally got off my ass and got a father’s day gift and such, even if it is uberly late in coming. That’s okay, so is my dad. He’s at least coming home tonight, and leaving again at noonish tomorrow or so, so at least it won’t be to … Read the rest

  • *yawn*

    12:30 PM… earliest I’ve dragged my fat ass out of bed all this week. And it’s only half over. Yay lazyness. Now, perhaps, I can get certain things accomplished today. Not holding my breath, of course, but… well, you know. I’ll find out just how lazy I am when my … Read the rest

  • The after sleep plan of action…


    Not hard to figure out. Get my resume, possibly go for coffee, watch tv, and torment the dogs; can’t go anywhere unless they’ve been properly payed attention to or they start looking for crap to destroy. Stupid dogs. Oh, and curse my poorness for being the reason I can’t have … Read the rest

  • Well, that amused me.


    So, the scheduled RP for tonight on my Star Trek RPG was rather cancelled, but at least I managed to find those quizes to be quite the amusing distraction. Which is good, because now, I get to be bored to tears ’til I fall asleep, assuming I ever actually get … Read the rest

  • Okay, now I know what to think of this movie.

    IT’s one great big ball of sap. I believe I shall forego watching the rest of it. In fact, I believe I shall block it out of my memory completely before it scars me for life. Oh the horror! The pain! The… okay I’m done.

  • Not sure what to think of this movie.

    Sitting here watching the Wedding Date, and not entirely sure whether to plug my ears or just get up and leave the room. I guess it isn’t *too* bad a movie, at least so far… but… I dunno. This has the dangerous potential of turning out to be one hell … Read the rest

  • I will never be happy with the organizational structure of my website.


    This is evidenced by the fact that, in the span of… oh… maybe the last month, I have reorganized the layout, directory structure, and whatnot at least twice. Quite possibly 3 times. I knew I was picky, but man oh man oh man am I picky. Ah well. Maybe this … Read the rest

  • And again, I neglect this thing.

    At least in that I’m consistent. Not that there’s much of a reason for me not to… I’ve still managed to get very little actually accomplished. I was supposed to go and pick up a resume today, but that ended up not panning out. I was probably supposed to do … Read the rest

  • I’ve seen that CSI episode way too many times.

    I can almost recite, from memory completely, the lines to the CSI episode entitled “Grave Danger”. That’s how often it’s been aired the last month or so. This, of course, not counting the times I’ve seen it before that, including the first time it was aired on… hm… I think … Read the rest

  • Hard work never hurt nobody, but I’d rather be lucky.

    Quote from a song, actually the song’s name, but it’s so true! I’d rather have things like money and such fall in my lap like some people I know (relatives, anyone?) rather than have to go out and actually earn a pay cheque, and whatnot. But until that happens, I’ll … Read the rest

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