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  • Everyone’s a bloggin’ blogger…

    … So why aren’t you? Oh, wait, you are? Well whoopdy do! But just in case you aren’t, there’s no reason not to be. You’re right, I don’t use it. But oh well! I don’t use live journal either, but I used to. Then I got money and well, enough … Read the rest

  • Lazyness is my friend, yo.

    So today, and yesterday for that matter, were filled with absolutely nothing but boredom. Lots and lots of boredom. Throw in a little irritation with said boredom and you have the perfect pathetic day. The highlight was going out for dinner tonight… which is actually kind of depressing, considering dinner … Read the rest

  • I’m suffering through Much More Music…

    I’m supposed to be going out, but my parents are taking forever… so instead, I’m stuck watching Much More Music since that’s what my brother stuck on. I just thought I’d remark here that the music played on this station stinks the high heavens. And now, I leave.

  • Okay, I feel better now.

    That last rant didn’t do a thing to calm me down, so I banged my head against a wall for a half hour or so fiddling around with templates again. That did it. Though mostly because I actually accomplished something. Not that said something has anything to do with employment, … Read the rest

  • Reports of my death have been exagerated.

    Reports of my insanely illness, though, right on the money. No idea exactly what happened… I was perfectly fine most of yesterday. Well, fine enough that I still managed to joke around with people on ES for an hour or so anyway, before I rolled my fat ass into bed. … Read the rest

  • House to myself, just the way I like it.

    I don’t have a clue how long it’ll last, of course, but I’ll take what I can get now that my brother and his oh so bitch girlfriend are gone to do whatever it is they do when they’re not here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hanging out … Read the rest

  • There’s something to be said for a rainy night, methinks.

    Ordinarily, that would put me right the hell to sleep. But for some odd reason tonight, no such luck. I dunno if it’s just because I’m thinking about things, or what, but this is the first time in a long time I’m up this early/late and don’t want to be. … Read the rest

  • Shall we make it 3 in 2?

    I do believe we shall. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it is I’ll put here, but I’m all for 3 posts in 2 hours anyway. Make up for the occasional entry that might have got missed in the rebuild. Not that I think any actually have, but with the … Read the rest

  • Well, I can go, but…


    To do so, it’s going to cost me probably around $192.30 for a round trip bus ticket. So, the reunion gets temporarily sidelined until I can invent me some more money. But, I’m at least on the guest list, so that counts for something. Ah well. On the bright side, … Read the rest

  • Contemplative Planning


    I’m giving thought to calling up the temp agency my cousin works with, and asking what they can do for me. I’m not finding a damn thing so far as work goes in Pembroke, so moving to Ottawa seems to be the next likely option. Of course, likely does not … Read the rest

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