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  • This is so relevant it’s not funny.

    Okay, so not relevant to the last entry I posted here. Big flippin’ deal. I keep hearing this particular song on the radio and, well, needless to say it almost always makes me think of certain people, and the repeating hell they go through either by choice or otherwise. The … Read the rest

  • I should make this a daily routine. By that, I mean actually doing things like this while sitting outside. God knows it’s warm enough now. And I’ve certainly got the free time… but I’m lazy. Ah well, lazy is fun but it’s nice out. Easy decision. Hmm. Apparently a book … Read the rest

  • I think I’ll save my money.


    Well, so much for that idea. I’d planned to maybe kinda sorta possibly take in a movie, specificly Lucky Number Sleven, but I don’t think so. A couple reviews caught my eye, particularly this one, and well… I’ll keep my ticket money in my wallet, this time. Shouldn’t … Read the rest

  • I don’t think I like this…


    There is still calls for snow. It’s April. IT’s baseball season. And we’re still calling for snow. Cruel and unusual, that. But then, this is the same person who’d of loved to have been done with snow after about, oh… December 26th. How’d that go? *scoff* It’s all cool and … Read the rest

  • How adicted to hockey am I?

    Well, it’s quarter after 3 in the morning and I’m listening to last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs game versus New York. I already know who won but I slep through most of it. So I get to listen to the rerun. Did I mention I love the internet for that?

  • Hard work pays off in the future. Lazyness pays off now.

    … That’s so me. It’s so me it’s written on a shirt I own. Specificly, the one I’m wearing. So, in light of my proudly displayed lazyness, I won’t go into details of how I did more shopping yesterday than I ever want to do in a single month. Instead, … Read the rest

  • Blurgle.

    Getting absolutely 0 sleep then going for an hour-long walk is a good time. My feet disagreed for most of the afternoon, but man I feel good. We walked a half hour for the sake of going out for breakfast… one way to work up an appetite, I’ll give my … Read the rest

  • Insert catchy and oddly off the wall sentence/phrase here.

    I’m bored and couldn’t think of a better title. Sue me. Or better yet, send me money. Yeah…I like that idea better. I think I’ll look at going back to college next year. Or the year after. But probably next. Can’t find work anyway and I’ve been looking left and … Read the rest

  • Random website browsing is a good time.

    So, I wound up on a website that pointed to a website that pointed to some odd little single-page site that linked to this blog. The thing hasn’t been updated in like 3 years, which is about how long I haven’t spoken to its author. That’s a whole other … Read the rest

  • I made it onto Google!

    Yeah, I’m easily amused… but oh well! I made it onto Google!

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