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  • 4:30 Randomness

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    Okay so amidst being bored, I realised just out of completely and absolutely nowhere, that on average I forget about close to 3 birthdays per month. That’s just wrong. Well, easy solution… happy birthday to whoever I haven’t said happy birthday to yet this month! Ah, staying awake until damn … Read the rest

  • I crave me some BNL!

    It’s been just over 2 years since the only BNL concert I’ve gone to, and I know for a fact I’m overdue. I should fix that… but I’m poor. Someone fix that for me? Pwease?

  • Hockey’s comin’ back!

    Okay, so the stupid Canadian men’s hockey team sucks so far as the olympics go. I’ve already bashed them. But now the real hockey season’s back… and there was much yayness! Personally, I’m looking at the Ottawa Sennators to at least take it to the finals. I’d put my money … Read the rest

  • Teehee…

    Even the non-trekies will find this link hillarious. But, if it goes over your head… read it while listening to this theme I’ve personally picked out for it. Even the humorless (you know who you are) will at the least smirk at it. Maybe.

  • They won! They won! They.. won?

    My leafs actually won a game… bloody miraculous! Yeah, that’s new. New enough to be worthy of being posted here, anyway. That, and I just wanna make sure this isn’t just something that’s gonna wind up completely and utterly breaking on me any time soon. It’d better not…

  • Yay for almost minor miracles…

    Today’s minor miracle… I actually have this thing working! Just a little easily amused, perhaps? You betcha. But oh well… right?

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